Selladoor Worldwide is committed to developing productions that appeals and attracts young adults (16 to 25 year olds) to the theatre.

We predominantly work with emerging artists, both on and off the stage, to help realise our passion of championing young people.

We understand that our commitment to create theatre that appeals to young adults is an ambitious and difficult objective. There are many physical, cultural and economical barriers that prevent young people from attending live theatre. By working with our partners and promoters, we identify the barriers and strategically plan to make our work more accessible to our target market.

We develop robust, ambitious audience development plans by keeping a constant dialogue open with the communities and theatres we visit, and by effective project evaluation. By continually making our work more relevant, accessible and recognisable to young audiences, we believe we are very much creating a niche in the mid to large scale touring market for us to continue to fill for years to come.

Read our current audience development plan here.



“Diverse, daring and dynamic all come together in our mantra”

Over the past two years, Selladoor has conducted evaluation on identifying exactly who our current audience is. A high proportion (almost 40%) of our audience were made up of 18 to 25 year old young adults, understandable as our lead target audience, followed by 25 to 35 year olds as a more traditional theatre going audience. The ratio of male and female was about the same, however the ethnicity of our audiences were overwhelmingly Caucasian, white British. Further analysis of where our core audience, in terms of numbers, was conducted and indicated a high proportion of our audiences came from urban inner-city areas such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. 

We know, as a company, that we must do more to diversify our audience and reach out further to smaller, more rural communities in the UK. Alongside daring and dynamic theatre, our third core principle is to produce diverse work which requires a diverse audience focus. 

We will achieve this through careful artistic planning, and actively working more with artists from different ethnicities to create work that can appeal to ethnic minority communities. We will create more links with organisations and theatres that have proven success in reaching these audiences. We will challenge ourselves to create work that brings together audiences for an enthralling theatrical experience.

Selladoor is an equal opportunities employer and believes firmly in working with the very best in their field inclusive of sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, background and disabilities. We regularly conduct monitoring reports when recruiting new part time and full time staff in order to evaluate how robust our equal opportunity policies are.



Who are our potential new attenders or participants?

Participants from more diverse cultural backgrounds
Disabled participants
Young people not connected with a school group, but attending on their own accord Parents and guardians to accompany 16 to 25 year olds
Participants from a wider geographic appeal and reach
Participants for morning or matinee showings, or at the weekends. 


Key to any long term strategies, such as Selladoor's commitment to developing young audiences in theatre, is to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy, in order to improve the audience development plan for the next production. In theatre, it is also very important to engage the audience in post-show chats, mailing lists and social media in order to have better access to each audience for future productions.