International Offices

Selladoor Asia Pacific Office

For the past 6 months, Selladoor has been exploring opening an office in Asia to help us manage our touring work in that region, as well as giving us a production and general management base to produce and launch work specifically catered for the fastest growing theatre markets.

Peevara Kitchumnongpan, now Managing Director of Selladoor Asia Pacific, was mentored by David and Phil during his MA in Creative Producing at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts during 2017. Sharing their ambitions in Bangkok, and the wider Asia Pacific theatre landscape – they aim to produce locally made work for Thailand as well as routing in more Western titles in line with Selladoor Worldwide throughout Asia Pacific Region.

The Asia Pacific office will be linking services with the offices in London and New York. This exciting enterprise gives Selladoor roots on the ground and cements our commitment to bring our work further and wider. The office will start off with 2 staff, Peevara as Managing Director and Jade Danparn as the Senior Producer.

Selladoor Asia Pacific Co., Ltd. established in 2018 in partnership with Selladoor Worldwide, an international Theatre Company based in London, UK, is a Theatre Company based in Bangkok, Thailand, specialized in producing musicals, plays and live entertainment, as well as manage and route international touring productions throughout Asia Pacific and ASEAN community.

New York Office

In 2017 Selladoor Worldwide opened its North American office with the mission to bridge the gap between North America and the United Kingdom. The office, based in the heart of New York City, provides a full range of theatrical services including General Management, Production Accounting, Tour Management, Executive Producing, and Consultation. Whether the goal is to open a show in Europe, the US, or Asia, we work closely with our partners to build accurate budgets, financial accounts, and skilled production staff while advising on and adhering to national and industry wide regulations.

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