Artist Development


As part of our renewed focus on new work and artist development, Selladoor Creation have recently launched our artists in residence initiative: a free space provided with the aim of allowing artists to develop their craft and nurturing creativity. Starting in December 2017, a brand new collective have moved into the space as a group of passionate theatre makers with a strong creative ethos.

We are delighted to be able to support The Den Collective’s mission statement:

“We believe that as artists, we should be constantly striving to be better…

We want to provide a regular opportunity for our members to practice their craft; to ‘keep warm’ between jobs and auditions, and to continue to learn. We hope to bring together a collection of like-minded, passionate people constantly striving to learn and discover within their craft. And we want to make this continued development model accessible and achievable for a wide range of artists.

We aim to create a safe creative space for people to push themselves and each other; to fail and improve; to hone what they’re good at, and fiercely attack what they are not. We want to encourage our members to leave their comfort zone and push the boundaries of what they may think they are capable of.

This will be achieved through a weekly programme of workshops designed and delivered by our members and invited professionals, to explore concepts, theories and practices that will be familiar to some of our members and new to others.”

Keep an eye on this page for more artistic opportunities under this scheme in the future.


We will shortly be launching weekly evening showcases, to support the work we do throughout our new work departments. These showings will take the form of a series of presentations of ongoing work, whether this be readings written or directed by creatives we are interested in working with, an update from our artists in residence, or a showing at the end of a workshop process.

Please note that at present, slots for these showings are available by invitation only, but do come back to our new work pages regularly in case of any openings.