Companion Producer Scheme


In 2017 Selladoor Worldwide launched a new scheme to develop new producers and to expand a network of passionate and driven individuals with a desire to produce quality productions.

Selladoor’s founders and many of the employees, gained their own experience from smaller scale theatre and had the difficult journey of progressing to larger, more commercial, projects. We therefore understand that the step up between these scales is not only intimidating, but can be financially prohibitive to prospective producers without a developed network of investors.

The Companion Producer Scheme was introduced as a way to bridge the gap between small scale and larger productions. As an alternative to needing to raise considerable and often prohibited sums of money for an Associated Producer credit and the experience of working on a ‘Big Show’ our Companion Producers are asked to only raise a single unit of £5,000 but collectively share in the experience and producer profits afforded to Associated Producers.

Coupled with access to resources and 121 sessions with Selladoor Worldwide staff the aim of the scheme is to nurture a new generation of producers who are able to expand their investor network, grow in confidence and understanding, and one day be leading on their own productions or continuing to work alongside Selladoor Worldwide as equitable producing partners.

If you are a prospective Companion Producer or you would like to know more about the scheme, please contact Phillip Rowntree  [email protected] for more information.