ANNOUNCEMENT: New company dedicated to experiential & live game play productions launches in the UK

22 July 2020

Gamepath – a brand new company dedicated to developing and staging large-scale experiential and live gameplay productions, in partnership with leading global entertainment brands – has been launched in the UK, under the umbrella of H & R Entertainment, parent company of the Selladoor Worldwide theatrical production company.

Further details of the inaugural projects will be announced in the coming months, but include the previously announced MONOPOLY immersive experience, in collaboration with HASBRO, as well as other major iconic titles across the gaming and cinematic genres.

Gamepath’s work will encapsulate the best of escape rooms – a booming global industry – combined with immersive theatrical magic, and innovative translations of much-loved titles in Covid-secure venues in London and beyond.

With the gaming industry in the UK projected to be worth an estimated £23bn by 2023, and the global tabletop board games market projected to be worth more than $12bn by the same year, and with over 10,000 escape rooms in existence worldwide, Gamepath will look to bring new audiences for live entertainment from the growing gaming sector and with a unique fusion of theatrical storytelling, thrilling gameplay and global brands.

Led by Head of Development Julia Posen, who came to the company from Walker Books and previously BBC Worldwide, the company comprises Associate Producer Paul Mansfield, Development Producer Tom Beynon and headed up by CEO David Hutchinson and CFO Philip Rowntree

David Hutchinson said, “We’re delighted to launch our new company, Gamepath, dedicated to developing and producing experiential productions in partnership with leading global brands. The gaming sector is a huge industry, and by working alongside household brands developing them into innovative, dynamic live gaming experiences – we’re hoping we can bring a whole host of new audiences to live performance who want to consume entertainment in a different way.”

Julia Posen said, “We’re excited to be working with the leading industry players like Hasbro. For each project we work on, we always seek to ensure the creative heart is worthy of the brand name its based upon. It’s a responsibility taking such iconic properties into a live arena and making sure the experience really delivers something special to our audiences. - our projects will have genuine creative purpose and storytelling that honours all that has gone before.”

Tom Beynon and Paul Mansfield said, “In previous years we’ve seen a marked increase in consumers looking for alternative forms of entertainment, specifically different ways of experiencing classic board & digital games, and iconic film and TV brands. In the aftermath of global pandemic and the shut down of many mass gathering live entertainment experiences, including theatre and live music, this has become an even more valuable marketplace with the ability to allow people to still enjoy live experiences but in a way that is conscious of health and safety in an era of social distancing

H&R Entertainment Ltd is made up of Selladoor Worldwide, I Am Marketing, Desk Tidy Design, and now Gamepath.

Visit the Gamepath official website HERE

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