REVIEW: Spamalot UK Tour

28 September 2017

'This is a face-achingly funny production of the infamous Monty Python musical.'

Fans of Monty Python and the genre of musical theatre will love it, as will anyone else looking for an evening of silly irreverent humour. - **** Marina Spark, The Reviews Hub

The young cast lolloping through David Buckroyd's production are able to mercilessly ham up the assortment of gormless knights, whose heroism in going off in search of the holy grail is consistently thwarted by the terminally mundane. Throw in a few rubbish villains, a Lady of the Lake akin to a latter day luvvied up diva, and a genuine crowd-pleaser transplanted from another Python movie, and the result is a kind of Horrible Histories for grown-ups. - Neil Cooper, Herald Scotland

What I experienced was a Selladoor production boosted by a cast that had the energy and commitment to win me over, providing a most enjoyable night in the theatre. - **** Mike Tilling, Musical Theatre Review

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