By Stacy Sobieksi

“But Mr Barrie, to die would be an awfully big adventure, don’t you think?”

Peter Llewelyn Davies was just an infant in his pram when he served as inspiration for J.M. Barrie’s most famous creation, Peter Pan.  With the story proving to be an immediate smash hit, a reluctant Peter found himself thrust into the media spotlight.  But then one day, Peter did the unthinkable… he grew up.

Picking up where Finding Neverland left off, we follow Peter Davies from his carefree childhood to his troublesome adulthood.  As Peter struggles to form an identity of his own and to separate himself from what he describes as “that terrible masterpiece”, he begins to spiral into deep depression.  As the walls come crashing down around him, Peter searches desperately for that elusive glimmer of hope, which had once shone so brightly in his boyhood.  Will he find it, or do happy endings only exist in fairytales?

Sell a Door Theatre Company present this new play by up and coming writer Stacy Sobieski.