By David Auburn

“It was like… connecting the dots. Some nights I could connect three or four of them, and some nights they’d be really far apart.”

Catherine is about to turn twenty-five and her life is a mess. Her father Robert, once a brilliant mathematician, has just died and Catherine is starting to show unmistakable symptoms of clinical depression. Unable to move on with her life, she reflects on the youth she has lost to her father’s long battle with mental illness.

Until one of Robert’s former students, Hal, makes a sensational discovery in Robert’s notebooks – a proof that mathematicians thought impossible. But as Robert’s life and final days become the focus of Hal’s investigation, evidence of who actually wrote the notebooks quickly becomes the more crucial proof.

While Hal continues to investigate the life and work of his professor, Catherine begins to wonder how much of her father’s genius – and indeed madness – she has inherited.