The Man Who Had All The Luck

By Arthur Miller

“Is it luck or fate that brings a man his happiness?”

The Man Who Had All The Luck follows the life of David Beeves, a motor mechanic in a small rural Midwest American town in the late 1930’s, who day after day is blessed with good fortune.  In contrast, his family and friends face difficult times: his father desperately trying to raise his under-performing brother to success on the baseball pitch, while his friend Shory, who is confined to a wheelchair, becomes more and more resentful of his misfortune.

While those around him suffer everyday failures from redundancy to infertility, David continues to prosper.  Yet the more success David achieves, the more guilty, depressed and paranoid he feels about the plight of those around him.  Soon he begins to wonder what will happen when his luck runs out…

Multi award winning Sell a Door Theatre Company in association with acclaimed Mull Theatre, present Arthur Miller’s rarely performed gem.