American Idiot UK Tour

Newton Faulkner

 Newton picked up his first guitar aged 13 and began playing along to Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, CSNY and Bert Janschrecords in his parents' collection at home in suburban Redhill, Surrey. An unlikely period at the Italia Conti stage school in London was followed by a stint at the academy of Contemporary music in Guildford, where he studies under the late Irish finger-style guitarist Eric Roche. It was in there that he developed a playing style that enables him to produce a bewildering array of percussive effects on his instrument. after playing the part of bassist Mike Dirnt in a short-lived Green day tribute band- one show involved the Dookie album i n its entirety- he graduated to gigging on his own.

Hist first album, Hand Built by Robots, topped the charts in 2007, deposing Amy Winehouse, with over a million in sales and spending a year in the top 40.The follow-up, Rebuilt by Humans, was a tribute to the surgeons who saved his career after his wight wrist was shattered in a freak mishap in the French Alps. His third album, the upbeat Write It On Your Skin, gave him a second chart topper in 2012, while 2013's Studio Zoo was made over a five weeks in his East London home studio, with every move streamed online and open to comment on social media.

Newton's audacious new album, Human Love, is a colourful statement of intent. His fith studio collection, and his first for new label BMG, it is an alluring maelstrom of rhythm and harmony. Moving on from what he dubs 'an interesting, if wierd' experiment', he completed Human Love with a renewed sense of purpose, which he toured as the falcrum of a three piece band featuring drummer Toby Couling and his brother Toby.

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