Little Shop of Horrors

"Queens of sass Sasha Latoya, Cassie Clare and Vanessa Fisher perform with spice, life and phenomenal voices – their harmonies sending a chill down my spine."

West End Wilma

"For those not convinced by a musical based on a giant flesh-eating plant, this show has everything needed to change your mind. Just make sure you don't feed the plant!"

Broadway World

"With a collection of enduring songs, stellar performances and a ‘so bad it’s good’ sensibility, Little Shop of Horrors is a great production of a deserving cult classic"

Entertainment Focus

"Little Shop of Horrors is a blood-sucking success!"

Wales Express

"Tara Louis Wilkinson's new touring production manages to straddle that fine line between sincerity and send-up thanks to performances from Sam Lupton as downtrodden florist assistant Seymour and Stephanie Clift as the abused Audrey who works alongside him, that combine extreme vulnerability with truthfulness"

The Stage