The Silver Sword

Poland, 1945. In the immediate aftermath of WWII the Balicki children search for safety in a divided Europe that sees the displaced returning to their homelands.

Along the way Ruth, Edek and Bronia meet 14 year old Jan – a boy who, years before, met their father by chance and been given the family’s precious paper knife, affectionately known as The Silver Sword. Jan’s instructions are to show it to the children, should their paths cross, with the message that their father is still alive and headed for Switzerland. 

Will they reach Switzerland? Well they have the Silver Sword and that’s all the faith they need.

Adapted from Ian Serraillier's novel, The Silver Sword was named as one of the top 50 children’s books of all time in The Times. This brand new musical adaptation by Susie McKenna and Steven Edis, is full of warmth, music and excitement.